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Hot Air Balloon Parties

Laurie Givin - Friday, October 16, 2015
It’s no secret that taking a hot air balloon ride fuels your inner child. But it’s also no secret that hot air balloon rides are also for kids!

We’ve been flying balloons for 35 years (yes, I know..we are getting old!). Each year, we realize that we have BIG fans in SMALL people!! 

So, we wanted to write and share with you all the fabulous hot air balloon ideas that can make your next party soar, even a birthday party!

You can also base your wedding on hot air balloons.....if you're hot air balloon obsessed (like we are!). Check out these photos of this adorable wedding! 

Whatever you decide, hot air balloons are always a great way to go when planning a special day. They are fun, colorful and full of life! 

Give your party an extra "SHWING" with these adorable crafts and share the love of hot air balloons with all of your party guests!

Check out an awesome activity pack & hot air balloon recipe today! 

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