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Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Laurie Givin - Monday, September 14, 2015

Hot air balloons are used to promote and advertise thousands of products and services. This is where you'll find out why these huge, colorful billboards are so successful as a marketing tool, and how a hot air balloon marketing program can be implemented.

In the infographic above, we feature 3 way we think corporate hot air balloon advertisement is most effective. But there are actually many other reasons why corporations decide on using hot air balloons to promote their business. The uses for a corporate balloon are nearly unlimited. A corporate balloon can be an excellent addition to existing marketing efforts, and will set the company apart as a leader.

Here are some more reasons companies utilize hot air balloons:

1. Special Events
2. Community Involvement
3. Media Coverage
4. Industry Events
5. As a sales tool
6. Targeted Marketing
7. Memorabilia

Choosing a pilot is also something corporations should look into. In order to have a successful marketing campaign with a hot air balloon, the pilot should have the relevant experience needed: Flight experience, marketing experience & management experience. Ask our pilots about their corporate experience today!!

If your corporation is thinking about making the hot air balloon investment, make sure you do A LOT of research before choosing the right kind of balloon and pilot for your marketing campaign! If it is done correctly, the results will be uncanny! 

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