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Gifts for the Grads!

Laurie Givin - Friday, May 08, 2015

Thinking of gifts to give to all of the grads is a tough thing to do! You don't want to be too cliche, but also not too cheap. You want them to know that you're proud of their accomplishments and that they have the ability to spread their wings and become whatever their heart desires. So there lies the question: How do you show your grad appreciation?? 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.  Money!!!

Of course, the top gift that all graduates love is money. As long as you don't care how it gets spent, this is an excellent choice as an all around graduation.

2. Oh The Places You'll Go!

Help your graduate "soar to high heights" with the always relevant rhymes of Dr. Seuss. This book, while written for children, is relevant for adults too.

3. A laptop

If you are willing to spend a lot on the graduate, a laptop computer is an excellent choice. A graduate would truly appreciate this as a graduation gift because it's something that will most likely last them throughout college or through the next steps of life!

4. High Quality Ink Pen

A traditional gift to set the tone for the future graduate. There is something about writing that evokes the image of success. 

5. A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ok, yeah, of course this is our pick of the bunch! Buy them a #hotairballoonride! Not only will this be an experience of a lifetime, it will open their eyes to the new world they're about to enter. It will give them hope and faith that they are able to do whatever they want to do and are able to get out of life anything that they strive for. And if they're over 21 - a celebratory champagne toast for all after the flight!! Cross this off of your bucket list, as well as your graduates this summer! 

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