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Are Hot Air Balloons Rides 'Safe'?

Laurie Givin - Monday, September 08, 2014

YES! With proper planning and by going above and beyond the Federal Aviation Administration’s guidelines, you are in good hands!

Timing is everything!! For safety, meeting times scheduled thirty minutes prior to sunrise or two & half hours prior to sunset. Due to scheduling demands, wind or weather conditions or any FAA temporary flight restrictions, meeting & launch locations may vary.

Mother Nature..she has a mind of her own! Here are conditions we look for and keep a good eye on before and during our flights: 

*The Sun is one of the last items we look at in order to make a go or no-go decision.

*Winds should be less than 10 mph on the ground for launches and landings.

*Wind speeds at altitude.

*No rain/precipitation in a radius of 75 miles of the launch site.

*No thunderstorms within a 75 radius of the launch site.

*Visibility & ceiling according to the FAA regulations.

Postpone flights occur, but only to uphold the utmost safety standards we set and competitor's follow. 

Safety and health requirements: 

*All passengers must be in good physical health, capable of climbing in and out of the basket.

*Must be at least 48" tall and over the age of six.

*Any passenger under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian in order to sign the boarding pass at the time of flight.

*Able to stand for at least one hour

*Capable of walking a distance of up to 2 city blocks at a leisurely pace.

*Able to withstand a jar or jolt upon landing, equivalent to jumping off three steps or about 30".

*Individuals with heart conditions, back or hip problems, weak knees or ankles, fainting spells, recent surgeries of any kind (within 6 months) or currently under the care of a physician, please provide us with this important information. Your pilot & crew need to know for your safety and flight arrangements. 

Anyone with doctor's limitations should contact your physician. All passengers that are currently pregnant must delay booking until post delivery. 

Passenger's weight is also extremely important. For your safety and the safety of others that maybe on board with you, please supply the most accurate weight when making your reservation.

We consider your safety first!

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