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Hot Air Balloon Tethered Ride Pricing

Having that whiz bang of a party and want an extra 'lift'? It's a crowd pleaser at any party, festival or picnic. What a great way to taste the experience of a hot air balloon ride.

With the balloon securely anchored to the ground via a series of high-tensile strength ropes and carabiners, a hot air balloon ascends to a pre-determined height above the ground and crowd to a height of 100' or less. During a tether, passengers climb aboard the aircraft for a short ride. Rides generally last about 5 minutes, including the embarkation, ascent, decent and disembarkation. A general rule of thumb to follow when looking for a suitable site: allow 300' by 300' feet of completely open area free of all obstacles & hazards.  When selecting an area, look for trees, towers, antennas, power lines and anything else that may pose a safety risk. A grass area is preferred.

Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride Capacity

Pricing options available cover flat rate pricing or Balloon Ride Passenger pricing. (Pricing applicable to regular shape balloons only.)

Time of Tethered
(No Rides)
SMALL Hot Air Balloon
69,000 cu. ft.  
MEDIUM Hot Air Balloon
105,000 cu. ft.  
MEDIUM+ Hot Air Balloon
120,000 cu.ft.
LARGE Hot Air Balloon
160,000 cu. ft.

First Hour: 0 28 41 65 76
in 2 Hours: 0 52 105 129 140
in 3 Hours: 0 86 122 194 200

*Number of passengers varies depending on size and weight of each individual guest.


(No Rides)
SMALL Hot Air Balloon
69,00 cu. ft.  
MEDIUM Hot Air Balloon
105,000 cu. ft.  
MEDIUM+ Hot Air Balloon
120,000 cu. ft.
LARGE Hot Air Balloon
160,000 cu. ft.

First 2 hours $650 first hour $1199 $1,599 $1,999 $2,399
Each Additional Hour $300 $600 $700 $850 $900


Deposit $650 plus mileage / travel related expenses.  Day of event, $10 per flown person. Minimum of 50 riders. Size of balloon is selected by Gentle Breeze according to the number of attending guests and availability. All weather conditions, policies, procedures and costs remain the same a Flat Rate pricing and are explained below.   

Timing is Everything

Balloon tethering depends on good weather.  And for safety all hot air balloon activity limited to only twice daily.  Cincinnati hot air ballooning along with Dayton ballooning offers the same times - sunrise or two to three hours prior to sunset. Barring any weather systems in the area, the winds tend to be calmer at these times.  See information about WIND LIMITS

More detailed information about your Cincinnati and Dayton hot air balloon ride tethers found here.


There's times she has a mind of her own. But when on her good side here's a few of the conditions we look for. Please keep in mind the sun is one of the last items we look at in order to make a go or no-go decision.

  • Winds should be less than 6 mph on the ground
  • No rain/precipitation in a radius of 50 miles of the tether site
  • No thunder storms with in a 75 radius of the tether site
  • Visibility & ceiling according to the FAA regulations

The Federal Aviation Administration sets minimum safety parameters, but we enforce a higher level of safety. Postponed events occur, but only to uphold the utmost safety standards we set and competitor's follow. 


The total package includes up to two hours of tethering plus set up, pack up and travel time*. Tether time starts when the cold inflation starts. That's when the fan is turned on and the balloon begins to inflate. Our tether ride packages starts at $1199 for the first two hours while the additional hourly rate drops to a low $600 per hour. Billing for additional hours occurs in 30-minute intervals after the first two hours.

We also offer a PER PERSON rate for tethering. Please contact us for a tailored quote. (Minimum number of passengers maybe required.)

*A mileage surcharge starting at $0.99 per mile round trip for areas with in a 40 mile radius will incur for all stationary, tethering & location operations. Out of area events will incur additional travel charges. 


To help clear up any questions about your location, we may recommend a site inspection for tethers and special location launches. There is a minimum charge of $50.00 for all site inspections. A mileage surcharge of $0.69 per mile round trip will incur for all site inspections with in a 40 mile radius. Further locations will incur additional travel charges. This is a separate charge from the tethering fee. Site inspections are to determine if your chosen location will be suitable and safe for a tether or launch operation. The fee is payable the day of the inspection. Please call our office to schedule an appointment.



Call or email our office. Information needs to be exchanged to answer your questions and offer you an accurate quote for your review. Once approved we'll follow up with a written agreement. To secure your reservation we require the signed agreement, deposit and any mileage / travel fees.  


We require a minimum deposit of $650 pending what tether option is chosen all travel related charges in order to book a date. This fee applies to the overall total amount due. Balance due at the completion of the tether. A $50.00 non-refundable fee applies for cancellations up to within 48-hours of the event. A $100.00 non-refundable fee applies to cancellations with less than a 48-hours notice and the balloon team as not departed our office. Full deposit and travel related expense forfeited if cancelled on site including weather conditions. 

We monitor the weather very closely and require contact names and phone numbers for the day of your event. Other options include rescheduling, whereby your deposit carries over.

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